• Warranty on conditions of vehicle(s) and part(s)

     All of our used parts and vehicles are sold as is without warranty. We generally do not accept any returns after the products have been received by the customer, so please contact us beforehand if you have any questions. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any losses, damages, or delays caused during shipment. Shipping insurance may be available for some products. Please be warned that deterioration during shipment is generally not covered by shipping insurances. Examples include battery discharge, rusting, oil leak, loose bolts, decline in motor’s ability to start, and minor scratch(es). Most of our brand new parts come with their factory warranty. However some cannot be used overseas, and returns will be at the customer’s expense, so we recommend that you check with us beforehand if you have any questions.

  • Release of liability and shipping insurance

     Any loss or damage to the unit/s (any type of vehicle(s) and/or part(s) of the vehicle) while in our possession or any of our designated parties, will release us from any kind of liability. We can add shipping insurances, but the coverage may vary depending on shipping method. We also suggest that you check with your business insurance and/or your credit property insurance regarding any shipping accidents, losses, or damages that occur when you purchase our merchandise with your credit card.

  • Privacy policy

     South Bay Street Machines takes your privacy seriously. We will not disclose any of your personal information unless required by law. We will only collect personal information from our customers when placing orders, making credit card payments, registering as a user, getting estimates, or when we need to contact them for sales and safety reasons. We will occasionally send e-newsletters with information on our specials. All information is kept secure. We will not share, sell, or trade any specific details about you or your purchases. We do not participate in or contribute to cooperative or shared databases that give other companies access to our information.

  • Parallel imports

     Merchandise sold at our company become parallel imported products and parallel imported vehicles at the time that it is shipped out of the United States. If these products and vehicles are locally distributed in the customer’s country, most will not be able to receive repairing and warranty services at the dealer. Please understand that this may be financially beneficial, but disadvantageous in terms of warranties and aftercare services.

  • Customs and shipping company inspection

     U.S. customs and shipping companies reserve the right to inspect shipment(s) or vehicle(s) for security, safety, and/or customs regulation purposes. Customs may charge consignee inspection fees or cargo storage fees without any notice.

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